When you need a great vehicle at an affordable price to drive in Anaheim Hills, CA, getting a pre-owned Volvo is a terrific idea. At Volvo Cars of Orange County in Santa Ana, you can find an exciting selection of used Volvo vehicles, one of which might be your dream car. There are plenty of reasons to get a used Volvo from our dealership, and once you know all the benefits of getting a pre-owned Volvo, we think you are going to want to stop by and try one out for yourself. Here are the top five reasons a used Volvo is worth your money.

One: Volvo Reliability

Volvo vehicles are renowned for their reliability in both the short term and long term. When you get a pre-owned Volvo, you are getting more than your typical used vehicle. Instead, you are getting a quality vehicle that you can really depend on. It is a Volvo, after all, and there is a reason you want to get one in the first place.

Two: Value

When you get a pre-owned vehicle to drive in Irvine, you might be surprised at how good a deal it turns out to be, especially in the long-term. While new cars usually depreciate quickly immediately after their purchase, pre-owned vehicles retain their value for longer. Pre-owned vehicles aren't just less expensive than new cars; when you take good care of your used car and bring it to our Service Center for regular maintenance, you can turn your affordable purchase into an outstanding long-term investment.

Three: Selection

When you are shopping for a vehicle on a budget, having a wide selection to choose from can be helpful. When you shop for a used Volvo, you might be surprised at how many models fit your budget. That's part of the fun of buying a used Volvo: when you shop pre-owned, so many more vehicles are in your price range.

Four: Long-term Costs

Insurance payments on new cars can be expensive. That is because the cost of insurance is directly affected by the value of the vehicle when you purchase it. However, when you buy a used vehicle, you also get to enjoy lower insurance payments. As you drive your pre-owned Volvo around Newport Beach, you can enjoy watching heads turn with the knowledge that you are paying a significantly lower price for it in the short and long run alike.

Five: The Certified Pre-Owned Difference

Do you want to get a pre-owned Volvo that drives like it is brand-new? Then you should check out the selection of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles in our inventory. CPO Volvo vehicles have been thoroughly examined and tested to ensure that they drive as well as if they were new. To be considered for certification, a Volvo vehicle must be less than five years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles on the odometer. The vehicle must then pass a more than 170-point inspection. When you get a CPO vehicle to drive around Huntington Beach, you can rely on it as if it were new.

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If you think a pre-owned Volvo vehicle is ideal for you to drive around Fullerton, then you should visit Volvo Cars of Orange County. At our dealership, you can find an exciting selection of pre-owned Volvo vehicles, one of which might be the ideal one for you. When you find a used Volvo that you want in our inventory, you should take it on a test drive. To schedule your test drive, contact us today!