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2022 Volvo Model Preview at Volvo Cars Orange County Near Santa Ana, CA

Volvo Cars is a brand always innovating. And this industriousness places the Swedish automaker at the forefront in terms of efficiency, year-after-year. At Volvo Cars Orange County, there's a sense of professional gratification in the models offered, knowing the safety parameters running standard and performance excellence following.

Near Anaheim Hills and Irvine, each 2022 Volvo SUV and sedan redesign should entice like no other vehicle coursing through Newport Beach. This, without mentioning the first-ever, all-new Volvo C40 Recharge – a pure-electric crossover.

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Volvo Focuses on Safety for All Sizes

Volvo has been focused on safety for decades. Here at Volvo Cars Orange County, we know safety matters to our customers, which is why it matters so much to us. Volvo has a vision for the future that says it would like to see no one killed or seriously injured in a Volvo vehicle by the year 2020—this includes children, which is why Volvo offers its own line of specially designed children’s seats.


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Two Thumbs Up for Volvo’s Head-Up Display

Buying a new vehicle can be a stressful experience, even though it’s also very exciting. You want to make sure you get all the features you need and want to make your daily driving enjoyable, which is why here at Volvo Cars Orange County, we want to introduce one of the best features available on the 2016 Volvo XC90, Volvo’s Head-Up Display. When you’re a more attentive driver, you’re a better driver, simple as that. Check it out below, then come see us to test drive the real-deal.


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Volvo's Safety Isn't Just For Drivers

The first priority of any car is the safety of the driver and passengers, right?

That's certainly true if you're a Volvo car. But it doesn't stop there. What about everyone outside of the car?

Volvo's safety features are designed to protect those around you, as much as yourself. Multiple sensors can detect objects ahead of the vehicle, particularly cyclists and pedestrians. If your Volvo detects a pedestrian crossing your path, it will alert you to brake. If you do not brake in time, the car can do it for you, preventing an accident.

The sensors…

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Volvo Loves Dogs: Check Out #Dogust on Twitter

If you have dog, you know that pets are family too. When they travel with you, you want them to be safe, and so does Volvo. In recognition of our canine companions, @volvocarsus started the #Dogust. With only a week left in the month, we wanted to share our favorite shot so far.

Momo loves panoramic moon roof of the new XC90. The optional dog gate is nice too, because it ensures he can travel in comfort, safely


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