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  • Brad Jackson
    Service Manager
    (714) 560-6950

    Originally from Redondo, California, Brad Jackson has been in the automotive business for 29 years.  He has held almost every position in the automotive service industry from a Technician for 14 years to a Master Service Adviser which gives him a wide perspective in Customer Service. Brad recently joined our team at Volvo Cars Orange County and his favorite Volvo is the S90. As Volvo Cars Orange County's New Service Manager, Brad goal is to provide our customers a pleasurable experience with servicing their cars as straight forward and pain free as possible.

  • Ben Dailey
    Master Volvo Service Consultant
    (714) 560-6950

    Ben Dailey has been with Volvo of Orange County since 2005 and has over 12 years' experience with Volvo. He has been committed to Volvo of Orange County and takes pride in caring for the many clients that visit daily.  From his expertise and knowledge with Volvo Maintenance and Customer Service, Ben is passionate with working with providing the highest quality of service to his Customers.  Outside of the office, Ben enjoys music and watching John Hughes movies.

  • Matt Angwell
    Master Volvo Service Consultant

    Matt Angwell has been in the Service Industry for over three years and has been at Volvo Cars Orange County for two years.  Matt is very patient and provides outstanding customer service to all of his customer needs.  He strives to deliver professionalism and an overall luxury experience at Volvo Cars Orange County. On his free time, Matt enjoys working on his classic BMW and also is a skilled automotive photographer. 

  • Thavery Huor
    Service Advisor

  • Leo Goldenberg
    Master Certified Service Consultant
    (714) 560-6950

    Leo has recently joined Volvo of Orange County's Team and has been with us for 3 months.  He has an incredible 35 years' experience in the car business and his experience in service writing allows him to professionally communicate with his customers about their vehicle needs and concerns.  Leo is originally from Lima, Peru and his favorite vehicle is the 1965 Volvo P1800S.  When he is not helping out our customers in the Service Bay, Leo enjoys WRC Rally Racing and Functional Integrated Soccer. 

  • Jose Del Barrio
    Volvo Certified Expert Technician
    (714) 560-6950

    Jose Del Barrio was born in Spain and has over 35 years' experience in the auto industry and 30 years with Volvo. Jose has been with Volvo of Orange County for 5 years and has been one of Volvo of Orange County's top technicians. From his expertise and knowledge on Volvo's engines, Jose excels on maintenance on all Volvo's and provides a truly exceptional service for our customers. Safety is his favorite feature for Volvo and his favorite Volvo is the 1991 240 model. Outside the shop, Jose enjoys vacations with his family, camping and going to Church.